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Interface Design


Wireframes & UX Design

Wireframe Design

Wireframing is one of the first steps in mobile app User experience design and it allows our expert UX designers to outline the layout and interactions of the new app without being distracted by colours, fonts or other graphical elements.

You can think of a wireframe like a blueprint for a building project. You need to see the two-dimensional plans before you can understand how to start the construction.

A wireframe allows us to work with your internal team to ensure the content and functionality of the app are going to be presented to your users in the best possible way.

At Thumbmunkeys, our experienced design team will work with you to create the perfect wireframe blueprint for your mobile app before commencing any graphic design work. This allows us to move into the user interface design phase with a solid understanding of how the app will be presented and how it will react.

Android App

1. Splash Screen Splash Screen
2.1 Home Screen - One way Home Screen - One way
2.2 Home Screen - Round trip Home Screen - Round trip
2.3 Home Screen - Multi Stations Home Screen - Multi Stations
3. Application Drawer Application Drawer
4.1 Select Bus
(one way trip cases)
Select Bus
4.2 Select Bus - Boarding/Droping Point Select Bus - Boarding/Droping Point
5. Select Seat
(one way trip cases)
Select Seat
6. Traveller Details Traveller Details
7.1 Payment Window Payment Window
7.2 Payment Window - offer Code Applied Payment Window - offer Code Applied
8. Bus selection filter Bus selection filter

User Interface Design

Once the app functionality and content has been properly mapped out in the Wireframing phase, we can then start work on the user interface design. The UI Design is the art of designing graphical elements of a mobile app such as buttons, icons, imagery and text styling.

The Thumbmunkeys design team are experienced in crafting beautiful, functional and clean mobile app UI designs. We follow six design principles that allow us to create mobile apps that truly engage our users, over 30 million downloads worldwide is our testament to this.


The UI is designed in a meaningful way, apparent to the user. Related elements will be positioned together and unrelated elements separated. Similar elements are styled to resemble one another and dissimilar elements are contrasted.


The UI will make common tasks simple and easy to execute, communicating clearly in simple language and easily identifiable icons/buttons and providing appropriate shortcuts for complex actions.


The app makes all options and tasks clearly visible without distractions from extraneous or redundant information. A good app UI design won't overwhelm users with alternatives or confuse with unnecessary information.


The mobile app will provide relevant feedback to the user based on their actions or any changes of state or condition in the app, and also for any errors that may be relevant.


The app design will be flexible and tolerant, reducing the cost of mistakes and misuse by allowing undoing and redoing, while also preventing errors wherever possible.


App components and behaviours are re-used, maintaining consistency with purpose rather than merely arbitrary consistency, reducing the need for users to rethink and remember.

Mobile App Prototyping

Mobile App Prototyping

We use powerful app prototyping tools to create high fidelity prototypes of your new mobile app with animations, gestures, and transitions that transform static UI designs into clickable, interactive prototypes before a single line of code has even been written.

Mobile app prototypes allows you to see exactly how the app will look and feel before we start any development work. This gives us valuable client feedback and testing opportunities to work out further design and usability improvements.

Our clients save both time and money through prototype testing, as any potential issues can be ironed out well in advance of the development and deployment process.

The app prototypes can be viewed on any desktop browser or mobile device and allow clients to leave any constructive feedback by commenting directly on the actual designs.

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